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The Dust Bowl and the Depression in American History

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Margaret Davis of Syracuse, Kansas took this picture of the dust storm on April 14, 1935, as it approached their house. That day would later be known as "Black Sunday," because of the seriousness of this storm.

The Kansas-Nebraska Act and “Bleeding Kansas” in American History

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John Brown lived in Osawatomie, Kansas Territory. He was famous for being an abolitionist (a person opposed to slavery). Brown and his sons were responsible for the brutal murder of several proslavery men near Pottawatomie, K.T. The men were called out of their homes at night and hacked to death with swords. This was just one of many incidents that earned Kansas Territory the name of "Bleeding Kansas."

Desert Storm:  The First Persian Gulf War in American History

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During Operation Desert Storm, in 1990-91, soldiers had to be prepared for the possibility of chemical attack. Soldiers wore suits like these to protect themselves. In the book, Sgt. Anita Porter described her first night in the Persian Gulf. She arrived on the first day of Operation Desert Storm. That evening, chemical attack sirens forced the soldiers of her unit to bunkers where they huddled in their protective suits, wondering if they would be gassed with poisonous chemicals and if they would ever make it home again.


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