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The Dust Bowl and the Depression in American History

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Margaret Davis of Syracuse, Kansas took this picture of the dust storm on April 14, 1935, as it approached their house. That day would later be known as "Black Sunday," because of the seriousness of this storm.

The Kansas-Nebraska Act and “Bleeding Kansas” in American History

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George S. Park, the founder of Parkville, Missouri, and owner of the Parkville Luminary newspaper, dared to speak out against the actions of the "Border Ruffians." As a result, they took revenge by breaking into the newspaper office and throwing the printing press into the nearby Missouri River.

Desert Storm:  The First Persian Gulf War in American History

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Sgt. Jeff Moore drove trucks from military units in Saudi Arabia to deliver food and supplies to troops in enemy territory in Iraq. He described the difficulty of keeping the trucks working in the sandy conditions and what it was like to be camped in the desert as Coalition bombers flew overhead on their way to targets in Iraq.


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