Pardon the Interruption!

First off, I need to apologize for my absence from the blog world.

Life happens. And it happens to writers, too. There I was, plugging along on a five-mile run, when out of the blue the sidewalk jumped up and slammed into me. Or something like that. Apparently, being a runner and also a klutz isn’t a great combination.

Here is my oh-so-attractive ZOMBIE HAND:

photo of bruised hand Although I hit that sidewalk with several of my body parts (shoulder, knee, cheekbone), my right hand took the worst of the impact. My broken pinkie and ring fingers are now safely nestled in a beautiful hard plastic splint where they will remain for another four weeks.

Yeah, that’s right, it’s my writing hand.

Now (more than) a few of my non-running friends have said “See? I knew running was bad for your health!” Does that mean I’ll be giving up running? No way. In fact, I’ve already run several times since the accident. I won’t be doing any pull-ups or burpees for a while, but I can still run. Just watch me.

My typing ability has taken a major hit, though. With the splint on, I make twice as many errors as usual, so I spend most of my time correcting mistakes. My left hand does not handle a mouse well, so I’m usually clicking in all the wrong places. And holding a pen? Not so easy. Luckily, I do have two good fingers and a thumb, but it’s pretty darned awkward to hold a pen and write. Does that mean I’ll give up writing? No way. Yeah, it takes longer, but I can’t give up writing any more than I can give up breathing. Just watch me.